Playing step by step on the Imibiyum server.

Double your minecraft fun with Imibiyum. This professionally made server is the new address of fun!

Total 2765 players joined us!


Create a Imibiyum account...

If your hair stands on end while creating an account, don't be afraid. This is just one of the charms of our server. They say it takes a few days, but most have gotten used to living with it.

Download the game

Download the game with Imibiyum...

You need to install Minecraft on your computer to play with other players on our server. Don't worry, it won't even take a few minutes.

Server IP

Join Imibiyum fun...

Copy the IP Address and add it to your server list. Then make the server entry that will make our hearts beat. A little cool, maybe it will enchant everyone.

designed by voonos
Welcome to our community, we were thrilled to see you. We felt that something would change. Imibiyum